"Gamer chick" who plays Farmville, is not a gamer at all.

Memes and the Internet

The Cake is a Lie - a meme within a meme I’m interested in looking at Memes, looking at how the images connect with the text, and how they work together to create a medium that references yet another form of media. For instance, the image above includes the image of a ‘hipster’ (people who take nerdiness and geekiness to another level, prompting it to be ‘cool’ with those huge fake lenses, the plaid shirts that weren’t cool when I was wearing them, the way-too-skinny-jeans — and so on–) with a popular (in the nerd realm) statement that “The cake is a lie.” Many ‘hipsters’ do not actually engage in nerdy and geeky activities, but take the products from our labor and make it ‘cool.’ -Thus, the “The cake is a lie” and “never played Portal” surrounding the image of the hipster. Because, if you’re a physics or gaming nerd, you’ve definitely played Portal, but didn’t think to make a big deal out of the phrase written on the walls that “The cake is a lie.” But they did. And now people say that line without knowing where it came from, or why it’s so sinister. Together, the text and the image create a meaning that would not exist without each other. The text without the image “The cake is a lie, has never played Portal” doesn’t make sense… It’s a fragment. The image without the text is just an image of a hipster pretending to be a nerd. Together, the two pieces come together to reference an nerds and a piece of their gaming culture. Here’s a few more if you need more examples of memes with this fake nerd.

A meme of hipster and real nerd cultureHipsters say they are nerdy.... but are they really?

And here are a few from my favorite games:

A meme from Skyrim   cats and memesShirt referencing a meme


Ok, so I only used 2. Otherwise, this could be a VERY long post. But, I think you’re getting it. I like looking at memes and analyzing them.

Take, for example, the Skyrim memes. The line that the guards actually say is, “I used to be an explorer (or adventurer) like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee….” And since basically every guard says this in the game, maybe you can imagine why the gamers caught on to the ridiculousness of this statement. All of them got hit in the knee with an arrow!?

Take a look at the Dora the Explorer image. The creator must have found the connection between the words and text, from “I used to be an explorer…” and went from there.

I like looking at the images and figuring out how it is connected to what it is referencing, and what it is trying to achieve. And this is why I’m studying Memes this semester.

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