TV Show Intros

After a difficult battle of indecision, I have finally decided to focus on TV Show Intros as my theme for the semester. While trying to think of an idea that would suit me, I started singing (in my head, of course…) the theme song to How I Met Your Mother – one of my recent favorites. The past few months I have been trying to catch up to the current episodes (they’re in the 7th season, I’m currently halfway through the 5th) which has drilled the short, upbeat tune into my head. I then started recalling some of the images that play during the intro, and began wondering what these say about the show itself. I also find it really interesting that it’s so easy for me to recall the intros to some of my favorite shows. Even ones I haven’t seen in years, like Friends, I can still vividly remember the intro ending with all of them sitting around the fountain together, and of course the familiar lyrics, “I’ll be there for youuuu!” What do they say about the show itself? Why is it so easy to remember? So, here goes my first attempt…

I’m going to start with the intro to How I Met Your Mother.

The intro is short and sweet at only 13 seconds long, and is comprised of 13 photos of the group. All of the pictures were edited to the same filter. The alteration of the color makes the pictures brighter and somewhat faded. They move from picture to picture in a way that it makes it look like they’re moving the camera around to see the different characters, when really it’s just flashing by the pictures. Some of the transitions show a flash to make it look like the picture was just taken.

The pictures all have the same kind of theme: they look like they are taken at the bar that the gang normally hangs out at, they’re all smiling and looking to have a great time. They look like a group of people that you would want to hang out with. The kind of pictures that are shown remind me of the types of candids you would see posted on facebook after a night out of drinking with your friends. The last picture is the only one that looks purposely posed, with all 5 friends sitting together in a booth.

The theme song is upbeat and sounds like a guy singing it not an instrument. It’s not comprised of words, just sounds. It’s short enough that it gets stuck in your head and is easily remembered. The only text shown is during the second photograph, with the show’s title “how i met your mother,” and during the last photograph stating who the show was created by.

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One thought on “TV Show Intros

  1. kelpeterson on said:

    Interesting! It goes by so fast, I never realized there were 13 photos in the intro. But yeah, the filters and shifts between pictures give it all a very nostalgic feel. I guess maybe it’s a tie-in to the fact that the whole show is supposed to be Ted looking back at his past and all the events leading up to how he met his wife. (That, and anytime someone older tells kids about his/her past, it ends with them feeling nostalgic and the kids wanting to go do something more interesting. ^^)

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