Cereal Isn’t Just for Breakfast Anymore

For my Then and Now post two weeks ago, I briefly looked at how a few of General Mills’ “kids” cereals have changed over time. When I was growing up, I was deprived from such cereals as Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Cocoa Puffs. Our pantry held Cheerios (Honey Nut occasionally), Chex, Kix (Berry Berry Kix was the best), and Life. No super-sugary, mascot jumping out of the box cereals for me. This week, I am going to take a look at a new version one of my childhood cereals, Chex. More specifically, Chocolate Chex:

The Chocolate Chex box is clearly geared toward women. In one sense, it is targeting moms: from the “Whole Grain Guarantee” to the Box Top for Education label to the Nutrition Highlights to the Gluten Free banner, this box screams “This cereal is great for your kids!”

 Don’t forget, this Chex only has a “Touch” of cocoa–not too sugary.

The same features of the box also targets health-conscious women (moms or not). We see these health basics at a glance: Not too much sugar, whole grains, and no gluten. Great!

Yet this box narrows down its audience even more to the entertaining women. Not only is this cereal full of “healthy” choices, but you can create “fun” and “easy” party recipes in just 15 minutes!

What entertainer doesn’t want a quick, simple, and delicious way to feed her guests? And the woman on the box seems to be having a great time–she’s fit, stylish, and able to stay out of her kitchen and enjoy her party, thanks to Chocolate Chex.

The entire back of the box is dedicated to recipes using Chocolate Chex and even includes a website to find more:

I used to love Chex as a kid (and I was only allowed to have the original kind). Somehow, despite its under-abundance of sugar, it filled me up and tasted great. But with all this Chocolate Chex has to offer, why not get a “healthy” chocolate fix at the start of my day?

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5 thoughts on “Cereal Isn’t Just for Breakfast Anymore

  1. Diana Riker on said:

    My mom also deprived me of many of the sugary cereals. I agree this box is definitely targeting mothers. The nutrition guarantees on the top of the box do specifically that. The check mark makes it seem like the mothers are accomplishing something by choosing Chex. Adding the recipe gives the box a dual purpose for them too. They can use the Chex for cereal or a snack for their kids. Gluten is the new whipping boy of nutrition so the fact that it is gluten free is particularly prominent.

    • tonidibona on said:

      It’s funny. When I saw the picture of the Chocolate Chex box I thought it was of the “Then” cereal boxes of perhaps the 1950s. That’s because I feel the woman is portrayed in a domestic role, for example entertaining guests and at the same time watching her weight. I then realized it is a current version of the cereal box.

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