Coke Zero – interactive banner ad

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          Interactive Ads are more fun and more successful!

Some of the most successful banner ads, in my opinion, are interactive ads. There’s a saying that goes “Tell me and I’ll forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I’ll understand.” In this Coke Zero banner ad the user is involved directly and it leads to a humorous result all which ends with the user remembering Coke Zero..

If we look at this ad in terms of its semiotic structures the sender is the coca cola company. The intention is a little bit tricky. Is the intention to sell coca cola zero product, or to make coke zero look “cool”, or to make the user laugh? I think there could be many intentions in one ad but the overall intention is brand recognition. This is better obtained through interactive ads. According to Barnum Sulley Research 2010, interactivity increases brand recall 63% more than non-interactive ads. Next we can look at the overall message that is being communicated and the receiver of the message. This message is intended to be received by an adult audience. It is not meant for teenage girls. It is saying that boy bands are uncool and coke zero is the opposite of that. The message therefore is Coke Zero is cool (because it’s funny and doesn’t appreciate boy bands) and the receiver of the message is young adult to adult. This makes sense because Coke Zero is a diet drink and most teenagers do not drink diet sodas. If this were an ad for Kool-Aid this sort of advertising strategy would not make sense. Finally if we look at destination,or the result of the ad, it appears to be successful in selling the point that Coke Zero is cool.

In terms of Peirce, an American polymath who said there is a triad of types of signs: icon, symbol, and index, this ad displays all three. It is symbolic in the use of words like coke zero whose meaning is arbitrary unless you are a part of a culture that knows the term coke and what it stands for. The ad is iconic in it’s use of black silhouetted singers who physically represent boy bands and because there is a degree of resemblance between the signifier (the image) and the signified (bands) it is iconic.  Finally  when you pull each of the levers and you hear the scream it is indexical of the fact that the singer was killed. It is a causal relationship. Put together these signs make for a successful  ad that drives its point home to the user by an interactive process making it all the more entertaining.


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