Superbowl 2012 Commercials

So I have decided to switch my focus from post cards to commercials for this semester. I watch a lot of television so it seemed like the logical choice. Also, I have become increasingly frustrated with some commercials that I feel haven’t exactly hit their mark and have actually not purchased products because I detest their commercials so much. This week I will be focusing on the most expensive (3.5 million dollars a piece) and highly anticipated commercials of the year–Superbowl commercials.

I felt that this year’s Superbowl commercials were witty for the most part. I noticed there were A LOT with cute animals in them (

Cute animals are always appealing to audiences as is humor so I can see why they were widely used.

However, to me soda commercials proved to be some of the most entertaining/exasperating of the night. I loved the Pepsi commercial featuring Elton John. In it people entertain the king, Elton John, in order to earn Pepsi. In the end the king is impressed with a particularly phenomenal singer Melanie Amaro, winner of the X factor. After he grants her Pepsi she promptly declares Pepsi for all and extinguishes the king to the cheers of the crowd. 

I thought this commercial hit the mark. It had celebrities. It was witty. It had drama. The common people triumphed. Pepsi sold itself.

Now as for it’s competitor, Coke, I was angry.

Coke purchased four commercial spots for the Superbowl. All of its commercials depicted computer animated adorable polar bears which personified humans.

Here’s one of a polar bear watching the football game.

Coke Polar Bear

I’m assuming they used computer animated polar bears because real polar bears don’t exactly scream cute as they brutally attack the camera man. They are actually among the most vicious bears in the world.

My anger towards Coke is not new though.

Back in December I came home to my parents house and went down to my basement to grab a soda. I was eager to have a Coke since my mother had just purchased the pack and it was that time of year. That’s right. Santa time. To me having Santa endorsing Coke made it seem just that more tasty to me. I knew it was full of high fructose corn syrup. I knew each can was 140 calories a piece. But it was okay. Santa said it was alright. I mean he drank it himself.

However, when I pulled out my holiday can of syrupy goodness a red jolly Santa was not staring back at me. Instead, I was confronted with a white can (much different from the familiar red) with a smiling polar bear because apparently polar bears drink Coke. I was furious. I missed my Santa. The Coke didn’t taste the same. It wasn’t as comforting.

Apparently I wasn’t the only frustrated consumer.

Coca Cola Drops White Cans

Coke is using these polar bears as part of its Arctic Home project which is designed to raise funds to prevent the bears’ arctic home.

To be honest this angers me. Enough with the polar bears. I love animals but why doesn’t Coca Cola concentrate on a cause more directly related to their product like childhood obesity or diabetes. Why don’t they promote their diet products or their water instead of encouraging people to keep sucking down these sugary beverages at every meal? No, now they are just promoting their products by having the cute, cuddly animated bears drink them.

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One thought on “Superbowl 2012 Commercials

  1. I really enjoyed your blog post. I am also doing advertising as my topic but online advertising. It will be interesting to see if any of our observations coincide with one another. A topic that I explored that you could to is why some advertisements are successful while others miss their mark. Good luck!

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