Experi-meme (Experiments with Meme Creation)

We are gathered here today to witness the creation and continuation of a meme.

Ah, yes, I have weddings on my mind. And it’s flowing with everything else I’m supposed to be thinking about!


I follow Tom Anderson on Google+, yes, the MySpace guy, and he posts some fantastic information. A while back, he decided what the Internet community (or those on G+) would do with an image of a man in a silly position. He proposed #hawkjump

Now, a month after the original post, there are tons of pictures that include Mr. Hawk in different places, doing different things. Lots are hilarious! Lots play off other memes, such as this one: and the featured image at the very top.

Some even added him to a classical art piece:


By simply proving permission, an image, and a request, Tom Anderson started a meme-fest!

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One thought on “Experi-meme (Experiments with Meme Creation)

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