Start Your Day the Chocolatey Way

Last post, I looked at Chex (specifically Chocolate Chex) and how it clearly targets women, especially moms. This week, I’m examining one of my favorite cereals, Special K Chocolatey Delight (What can I say, I like getting my chocolate fix in the morning). First, I’d like to look at the box. The generic box displays is very plain:, a brand of Kellogg’s, leaves their box essentially naked. The largest feature of the box is the “K,” which claims more space than the image of the cereal itself. The prominence of the “K” indicates that this is the most important feature. The company clearly wants consumers to know that this is a Special K cereal, a product that has been advertised over the years as a healthy cereal.

I would like to note that, when you first enter the Chocolatey Delight page on, the first image presented to you is the cereal:

It seems to me that, as far as Special K’s website is concerned, the people behind the design of the site know how to draw in their customers. I know this image of chocolatey goodness is far more appealing to me than a cardboard box.

It also adds to the allure of their Special K Challenge. It’s encouraging to know that I can eat healthy, lose/maintain weight while eating this and one of the 42 other Special K products. Yes, there are FORTY-THREE Special K products, which all can lead you to lose 10 pounds in just 2 weeks, if you follow the Special K Challenge!

While focuses on the image of their cereal (and the red “K”), Kellogg’s seems to have a different take on selling their Chocolatey Delight product:

As with last week’s Chocolate Chex, one of the features of this box front is nutritional information. Not only does the front give a summary of the factual nutritional information, but it also advertises that this cereal is a “good source of fiber & whole grain.”

I bring attention to the nutritional information not only because it suggests the intended consumer, but because the overall image of the box front is telling me to focus on it. The lines of the right side of the “K” are pointing to two sections of the box: the nutritional information summary and the cereal image. The upper half of this side is larger than the lower half, which guides my eyes first to the information, second to the cereal, and finally my eyes rest on the fiber and whole grain ad.

The box appears to follow the rule of thirds, with the two most prominent features, the “K” and the cereal” filling up the outer areas. However, the “K” makes me slightly uneasy, as it pushes toward the middle of the box, nudging the cereal off the box and creating a slight imbalance in the picture.

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3 thoughts on “Start Your Day the Chocolatey Way

  1. Thanks… now I’m hungry. 😛

  2. I had never noticed how the K does point to the nutrition facts and is sort of kicking the bowl of cereal off of the box. I actually went to my kitchen to get my own box of cereal to look at it. The K is definitely the most prominent feature on the box, rather than the bowl of cereal, which is odd.

  3. If it’s targeting women, it definitely works because I love Special K Chocolatey Delight. NOMS. However, I eat it at all times of the day, as a *healthier* way to get my chocolate fix. I’ve never tried the Special K challenge, but I have eaten a lot of their products, including the shakes and meal bars. I think they’re all pretty good, but I’m a bit skeptical about using it as a full-on diet method. In that way it’s similar to Slim Fast or any of those kinds of products. They always encourage you to eat a balanced meal for dinner, but I doubt you can get the rest of the nutrients you need in one meal.

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