Chernobyl photos are comparable to photos of Detroit.

Susan Sontag makes the point in her article “Photography” that photographs are “experienced captured” and she goes on to say that anyone can make photographs that are miniatures of reality. Stieglitz, as a member of the New York Society of Amateur Photogrpahers” I think would have agreed with Sontag. He saw the worth that amateur photography had in society. He says that “nearly all the greatest work is being and has always been done, by those who are following photography for the love of it, and not merely for financial reasons. . .an amateur is one who works for love” (117). In modern times there are hundreds of thousands upon thousands of examples of amateur photography. Photographers worldwide post their pictures online to the public. Some of the more common categories that photographers seem to capture are that which fall upon the title of “memories.” Photographing is a way of catalogueing what we have seen and experienced. This is not a new idea. Charles Baudelaire viewed photography as a way to catalogue memories. One such category of photographing to remember  is of photographs of disastorous events so we never forget.This week Dr. Wolff showed us amateur photographs of Detroit and of Six Flags after Hurricane Katrina. After researching other amateur photographs I found a site devoted to photos of Chernobyl ( . I think parallels can be drawn between these photos and those of Detroit and Six Flags. Below are some of the photographs I found. Image
This abandoned photograph of an apartment complex reminds me of the abandoned buildings of Detroit shown below.
Here the ruins of an amusement park are strikingly similar to Six Flags after Hurricane Katrina.
(After Chernobyl)
(After Katrina)
It is interesting that photos like those shown of Detroit and the one below have the same feel as photos from Chernobyl. There is complete abandonment and they both look like a mass exodus occured. Image
Below is a picture of a school room abandoned (Chernobyl)
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