Grammy Green’s House: An Atlas of My Family’s Memories

Altogether, I have compiled ten maps of my Grammy Green’s house, including my own. I have received maps from my Cousin Liz, Mom, Uncle Gary, Grandparents, and four of my Great Aunts. I decided to pick members of my family that represent different generations to see the variations that would show up. The maps have been put in order by age, youngest to oldest. The further you get into this series of maps, the further back in time you go…

The rest of my publication may be found here.

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One thought on “Grammy Green’s House: An Atlas of My Family’s Memories

  1. Wow, your Aunt Lee did an amazing job with her map. I like that it uses simple words that the reader can apply his or her own meanings to by having had similar experiences. I think the pictures demonstrate what a house really is for many people–a place where family gathers. Rather than a physical house, it seems like your aunt mapped a home.

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