From “An Atlas of Hearts: The Stories of Eleven Cartographers”

Read/view the full version here: An Atlas of Hearts: The Stories of Eleven Cartographers.

An excerpt from the introduction: “I asked eleven people to draw me a map of their heart and tried to leave the parameters of interpretation as open as possible. If your heart was a place, how would you draw a map of it? I personally interpreted a map of the heart to encompass all the things I love and believe in, a challenging feat to accomplish on a single piece of paper. The heart maps often read more like a story or profile rather than a geographical (or anatomical) representation, but some include geography and anatomy within them. The following maps depict a visual and textual representation of an abstract concept. After all, when people use the word “heart,” they are often talking about much more than the organ responsible for regulating the flow of blood. Can a drawing of a person’s “heart” truly encompass his or her nature of being? Most likely not, but the following maps do provide a unique insight into the lives of their cartographers.”

A sample of featured heart maps:

Tori, 22, New Jersey


Melissa, 27, Colorado


Samantha (me), 26, New Jersey


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