Kid-Tested, Mother-Approved

I’ve been posting about more “adult” cereals (Special K, Chex) so I wanted to do something with kids’ cereals. Like I said in my Chex post, I didn’t have traditional kids’ sugary cereals when I was growing up. Then I remembered one of the “treats” we would get: Berry Berry Kix. Still one of my favorite cereals, Berry Berry Kix is very elusive these days. I have yet to find it in a grocery store, but if I see it anywhere (Target sells it!), it’s a given that I am going to buy it.

First of all, remember this commercial?

Very wholesome and cute, this commercial is simple: your child is going to do chores for you if you buy her Berry Berry Kix. Like the newer Cheerios “That’s for babies” commercial, this is clearly geared towards parents (mothers), not children. The cereal box (then) did the same thing. Now? I’m not so sure:

The new box (right) still holds the same information as the original. Consumers are told that the cereal is a sweetened corn cereal, is naturally flavored, and does not contain preservatives (specifically no artificial preservatives in the newer one) or artificial flavors. Although the new box does not say that it has “less sugar than most kids cereals,” it is probably doing the same thing through its nutritional information that is now standard on all General Mills cereals.

Now on to the differences. First of all, as with Trix, General Mills has taken away the best part of Berry Berry Kix: the berry-shaped cereal (I was very disappointed when I found out that neither had the special shapes anymore. That’s what made them fun!).

The new box makes me tired. Again, like the Trix box I talked about in my Then and Now post, the cereal is in motion. In this case, it is being poured into the milk, splashing it everywhere. Even the word “Kix” (which now has significantly more prominence than in the original box) seem to be bulging with movement.

In contrast, the original box is very basic and stable. Your kids will not go into a sugar-induced hyperactive state after eating this cereal (which is the impression I get from the new box). There isn’t even the slightest drip of milk falling off this well-mannered child’s spoon, and the cereal is clearly the most prominent image on the box.

Call me old-fashioned, but if I were a mother looking for a “better” cereal for my children today, General Mills does not do a good job advertising for mothers. I guess they’re banking on the child to declare, “I want this,” instead.

But hey, I might be wrong. It is “Mother-Approved,” after all.

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One thought on “Kid-Tested, Mother-Approved

  1. I’m just going to go on record and say that I hate the new cereal boxes; they’re all so loud and have too many things that draw your eye in several different directions. The Kix box isn’t too bad, but I’ve seen some horrible boxes that are so loud and obnoxious. I’ll stick to my boring, adult cereal boxes, thank you very much.

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