McDonald’s Apple Tree Commercial

Apple BoxIn the midst of several lawsuits surrounding the iconic happy meal McDonalds has decided to attempt to make their meals a bit healthier by including apples and milk in with its purchase. One law suit that has been filed against the company surrounds their marketing of the meals to children by focusing on the toy they will receive with its purchase. In fact, San Francisco actually banned the inclusion of toys with meals in an effort to combat the marketing. McDonalds then simply charged a dime for the addition of the toy to the meal and reportedly donated the extra money to charity.

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It seems that McDonalds new commercials are much different than the ones that I remember from my childhood. Gone are the advertisements for the amazing toys you will receive upon their purchase (remember the TY beanie baby craze of 96? they made a ton of money including miniature beanies in their meals). Instead these commercials focus on the healthy benefits of eating at McDonalds, specifically the apple slices.

In this commercial a mother and daughter are out to lunch, sitting at presumably one of McDonalds’ outdoor tables. The daughter takes out her fries, glances at her mother, a bit uncertainly and then all of a sudden an apple tree begins growing out of her box. The mother and the daughter are both captivated by this phenomenon. The angle of camera, which switches from pointing down at their face from above and then pointing up at the tree from below, does much to further enhance the look of amazement plastered across their wide mouth faces.

After the tree springs from the box and begins to sprout apples, one of the apples falls off the tree and once it falls into the hands of the little girl it becomes a packet of sliced apples which in fine print it reveals that “whole apple not representative of content portion”.

This commercial successfully detracts from the idea of fries and nuggets like previous Mickey D’s commercials focused on in the past. Although they do mention the “special kids fries” they are secondary to the “new changes” that are happening at McDonalds, like the “juicy wholesome apple slices”.

It seems that the commercial is trying to appeal to both parents and children. The children should be amazed by the idea that a tree could grow out of their happy meal box and adults should be pleased by the healthy changes that have been made to McDonalds meals. They want parents to feel comfortable taking their children to eat at their restaurant, and they want children to want to visit there

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2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Apple Tree Commercial

  1. tonidibona on said:

    Interesting topic. Just curious why McDonalds is being sued. Where’s the problem with marketing the toys to children?

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