Rowan Memes

My buddy Meghan introduced me to this fantastic page on website, called Rowan University Memes, where school/Rowan-related memes play. I spent a while scrolling through them all and picked a few to discuss.

[an hour later]

Oh, whoops… got a little distracted. Now I just have to weed through the 20+ memes that had me rolling and share them with you. First, we’ll go with a meme that is along the same lines as the featured image.

Here, we see, in both images, a frame from the Lord of the Rings movie, where Boromir states that “One does not simply walk into Mordor” as the council decides what to do with the Ring that Frodo acquired. Boromir is saying that a simple action, such as walking or parking, is not an action that is possible in the location, Mordor, or Rowan.

Those who aren’t as interested in Lord of the Rings, how do these memes speak to you? I know for me, as a fan, that these memes not only come with the history of their origin, but also the addition of my own culture, which makes them relevant and hilarious.

On the other hand, here’s a meme that makes absolutely no sense.

One comment on the image is, “One does not simply….make these memes that make no sense.” Funny, since it’s in the form of the meme that the image is failing to portray. If you’re not a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings fan, then this meme most likely doesn’t make sense that it’s wrong. The image shown is Boromir from Lord of the Rings, yet, the text refers to Star Wars. Boromir, in fact, has no idea what the force is, so this image-text combination has no effect other than confusion.

Still in the Lord of the Rings vein:

I always feel this way when I use the crosswalks, since the cars MUST stop for me. I figure one day, I’ll actually dress up like Gandalf and do this when people are crossing. Again, people without knowledge of the culture/universe this image/text comes from won’t feel the power that it displays to those who are familiar.

All of these Lord of the Rings memes lends the ‘epic’ tone from the movie to the real life situations that happen in Rowan.

One last one,

This is a more commonly found meme around the Internet, the frustrated little man that always says, “Y U NO…?!?!?” I like seeing all these memes and how the Rowan community creates their own to impart their emotions and thoughts about a particular aspect of the campus.

Parking before class as an epic, almost impossible adventure.

Frustrating vending machines that don’t take money, generally in the same place.

Crossing 322 as an epic journey, as the cars are magically stopped just as your foot crosses over the curb.


Thanks Meghan πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “Rowan Memes

  1. kelpeterson on said:

    Awesomeness! And yet, so evil. (I am now having difficulty dragging myself away from that page to do my own blog post.)

    Still, the associations you bring with you to an image really make or break its meaning. Great example!

    (And yes, you should totally do the Gandalf thing.)

  2. Diana Riker on said:

    I love the Lord of the Rings Memes, and I definitely agree that the Star Wars mention does not make sense. Check out my FB for another Rowan meme that was passed around yesterday after the delivery driver crashed into the Hunan Wok on 322.

  3. OOH! I saw that, but didn’t know it was actually around here. Hahahah. That’s fantastic πŸ™‚

    Oooh, Rowan…. what smart students you have.

  4. Hahahaha! These are great! I was immediately attracted to this post because of the meme as the featured image. I was hoping to see some Ned Stark (Game of Thrones) memes too because Ned Stark and Boromir are played by the same guy and from similar worlds. Maybe I could make one using the Stark House’s words: “Winter is coming…Or not.” (Doesn’t quite apply to Rowan, but we definitely didn’t have much of a winter this year.) I wanted snow days off from school 😦

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