Chevrolet: Zafira

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is a banner ad for the Chevrolet Zafira. It is trying to make the point that it is family car that “fits everything and fits everyone.” It is another fine example of using interactive media to make a statement. What is interesting is the idea is not apparent at first. It took me a few tries to see that you can click and drag on the first person and then pull by dragging everyone and everything else out of the car. Then you can click and drag and try to put the people and things back in the car. This is a good example of how text achors the image. Without the text “Fits everything and fits everyone” the message that this is a family car large enough to hold many people would be lost.

Another interesting aspect is the juxtaposition between a photograph of the actual car and the cartoon- like people, animals and skeletons that come out of the car. Mccloud in his book “Understanding Comics” talked about putting pictorial icons in order of their abstraction. The higher the abstraction the more we see ourselves in the image.  Mccloud says if we are too aware of the messenger then we won’t fully receive the message. I think that is why cartoon images are used in this advertisement while the background is realistic. Mccloud says audiences identify  with backgrounds that tend to be slightly more realistic.

Through the use of cartoons and a photograph of the car we envision ourselves next to the Zafira and have fun dragging people into and out of the car while the message becomes clear due to the words and the interactive media.

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