Comics in the Movies

In recent years we have seen an influx of superhero comics being translated into movie form.

Here’s an interesting blog post analyzing why the genre of superhero movies has risen over the years.

Heros for Hire: The Rise of Super Hero Cinema in the Last Decade

Last summer I felt like I was greeted with an onslaught of superhero movies–Thor, The Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, and even Captain America. I did not believe that it was feasible for them to realize that many movies in the same genre in one summer. I guess I was wrong though since they all did well at the box office.

This summer proves to be similar to the last. The superhero movies that I know for a fact are premiering this summer are Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, and The Amazing Spiderman.

I was actually shocked when I heard that they were releasing yet another Spiderman. After reading a few articles about it though I see that it’s because they want to return Peter Parker to his comic roots as a high school student. Apparently he was too old in the recent movies. Some people are a bit upset about this release because like me, they can’t understand why they would reboot a series after it was so successful. It was understandable for the Batman series. Batman and Robin kind of slaughtered the comic, but it’s almost incomprehensible for Spiderman. I realize that Spiderman 3 was pretty atrocious but it did well in theaters anyway, but I guess it just all comes down to making more money on the series.

Fans are a bit “miffed” by this idea. Some would have rather seen a Spiderman 4 than a reboot.

Why “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie is (probably) going to suck (especially if you’re a fan of the comics).

15 Reasons Rebooting Spider-Man Is A Really Bad Idea

Though the trailer makes the movie look like it might be pretty cool I don’t trust trailers. I always think a movie looks amazing when I see the trailer and have come away very disappointed after seeing the film.

I am pretty excited for the other two movies, The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises. I saw both the spiderman trailer and the avengers trailer last night when I went to see The Hunger Games (which was pretty awesome by the way and I recommend you read the series and see the movie).

In this avengers trailer they actually put pictures of the comics into the trailer.

I can look at these trailers both in terms of comics and as digital remixes, combining speech, music, film, and comics. The fade in and fade out to black technique acts as transition to each clip in the trailer, much like the panes in comics. However like a comic I need to fill in what happened in the gutter. I need to figure out why the world is in jeopardy. Though the trailers try to show how the avengers were brought together it takes a lot of imagination to see what happened between the panes. I see that Samuel L. Jackson is trying to convince Captain America to join the team but I need to fill in what actually happened between convincing and when he is actually on the team.

All of the factors in the trailer work together for me to create these impressions though–the urgent music, Samuel L. Jackson’ s awesomely serious tone and what he is talking about, the scenes of chaos in the city, and the focus on each superhero. The text interspersed throughout the film tells me valuable information about what I’m watching such as  the movie’s title The Avengers, when it will be released into theaters, and what studio produced it. The music surrounding it makes the text seem much more interesting than if it was just placed on the screen.

In case you were interested here’s a trailer for the Dark Knight Rises:

I think that the national anthem playing in the background does an excellent job contributing to the sense of urgency surrounding the chaos that is imminent. It makes viewers relate the film back to our country and makes us feel like we are being threatened. There is even more text in this trailer telling information about the movie, such as who is in it, and assuring us that this is the end to the legend.

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4 thoughts on “Comics in the Movies

  1. knudsens on said:

    I don`t care for superhero movies, never did.

  2. Averngers: I’m worried about it. Bad actor for Captain America. Too soon for the alien threat.
    Spider-Man: Looking forward to it (especially after the third Toby film). Also nervous about getting into his parents’ spy background. Might be too complicated on film.
    Dark Knight will be great.

  3. kelpeterson on said:

    We really did have a flood of superhero movies last summer, didn’t we? But I was actually happy with it because three of the four were really well done. As for superheroes to come, I think the trailers can give you a sense of what you’ll be getting, but at the same time, they usually try to give you the biggest and best scenes to draw you in, right? I just hope that, after all the action scenes we saw, they’ll remember to throw in some slow, restful, character-building moments, too.

    As for the Spiderman remake, yes, the old trilogy made a lot of money; I’m not sure whether it appeared in this post, but I remember a lot of people being unhappy with some of those movies (and some of the casting, too), particularly the last one. Personally, I’m interested to see what they do with the remake. It is interesting, though, that the reboot trailer jumps into its own story with no mention of “you thought you knew Spiderman” or “back to the beginning” or anything. Good example of showing instead of telling. 🙂

  4. Diana Riker on said:

    Yeah, I only saw Thor last summer because I was not interested in the actors in Captain America or Green Lantern, and I had never really enjoyed the X-Men movies for some reason. I can’t wait for the Batman movie because he’s my favorite superhero. I’m just really confused with why they chose to redo Spiderman so soon even if the third one was so unbelievably awful (I can’t believe they just tried to squeeze in Venom at the end). The Avengers looks like it has the potential to be good. This could be due to my obsession with Samuel L. Jackson. I’m a little upset that they are on their third actor for The Hulk in a decade though. I’m hoping that Robert Downey Jr. can redeem the other superhero actors in the film.

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