Purina: Puppy

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When I first saw this banner ad I couldn’t help but have that girlie reaction – the “awww that’s so cute” reaction.  A cool aspect to this ad is the message it is trying to convey is not immediately clear to the viewer. When you click on one of the commands and the dog does not follow the command the you automatically think something is wrong with the banner ad and then continue to click through to see what happens next. By employing this strategy it makes the banner ad more interesting and captivates its audience.

This banner ad begins with three simple words: fetch, speak and sit. Scott McCloud, in his book Understanding Comics states that non-pictorial icons have a fixed and absolute meaning. I tend to think otherwise. I think the meaning depends on the context. Because there is a picture of a dog there is an expectation of what fetch, speak and sit mean. These words would have totally different meanings in a different context.

In looking at the cartoon of the dog I think McCloud is correct in stating that a cartoon simplifies a story line. He says that there is an ability of a cartoon to focus our attention on an idea. I think the cartoon of this dog helps focus the audience. It focuses us on the message that the dog is not responding correctly to commands and that the Purina Puppy and Kitten Club can give you tips to training your dog.

The text along with the cartoon work well together in producing an enticing banner ad .

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