Tamed: Nature as you (don’t) see it

New Jersey is called “the Garden State.” Every time I take a drive I am reminded of this, especially in South Jersey where agriculture reigns and fields, orchards, and woods are always just around the corner; but nothing is purely natural anymore. Whether it be houses, barns, metal towers, or the carefully lined rows of plants, the mark of man and technology is evident no matter where you go. I see these sights so often that I barely notice. That is, in a word, the heart of this photo essay. I want people to take a second look, as I have, at the so-called “natural” world around them.

This is not an environmental advertisement or a “go green” call to action. It is merely an opportunity to look at the world and really see it for all it is, for the geometry, for the juxtaposition of inorganic and organic, for the beauty to be found in nature—even a tamed nature molded by human hands. My hope is that people will see these photographs, forget for a moment all the political and economic issues surrounding the environment, appreciate what they see as it is, and just breathe.

You can view the full version of “Tamed,” including analysis, on Issuu.

Many thanks for taking a look, and I hope you enjoyed.

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