Childhood Memories

When attempting to conjure up ideas of what to photograph, I immediately turn to important parts of my past. A photograph is often a representation of a memory, something that you want to hold onto. I take pictures of times and places that I know I will want to remember for a long time. For this reason, I chose to photograph the softball field that I grew up playing on. Softball became a huge part of my life at an early age. I started playing year round from the time I was nine years old until I graduated from high school. The field became my safe haven. It was somewhere that I could take all of my negative energy and turn it into something positive.

In this photo essay, I started out wanting to show what a positive thing softball was in my life. I wanted the photos to represent how much fun I had, and how much I grew through what I learned on the field. After looking back at my pictures, I realized that wasn’t at all what I had captured. I felt an emptiness and a loss when I looked at them. The photographs represented a place that I can no longer go. I realized that I have barely picked up a ball since the last game I played in almost five years ago. Due to this strong connection, I decided I wanted to showcase the feelings of emptiness and loss through the photographs to my viewers.

I have ordered the photographs similar to the way that I used to move around the field on a typical practice or game day. I also chose to do it this way because it allows the viewer to start outside of the field, move around to the batting cages, enter the field, and once again move back outside of the fence. I want my viewer to be able to travel around the field rather than just look at pictures of different areas.



To view these photographs in more detail and the entire photo essay, visit my Issue Publication: Childhood Memories.

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