Love, In Other Forms

“Love, in Other Forms” is a photographic essay that displays people with their pets, most specifically, the love and companionship between the two. I used friends and strangers with their pets to get the shots that I felt appropriately displayed their feelings for one another. Although, I have to say, it’s hard getting emotion out of a Hermit Crab.

I used my iPhone 4 camera and an online tool, Picasa, to get the perfect look for each shot. Since I was working with living subjects, I wanted to be able to shoot plenty of exposures per subject, in able to find the perfect image; my iPhone provided the necessity for quick shots as well as the option to immediately view all that I had taken. All of the images include a blurred background and lighting effects to bring attention to the human and animal pictured. I didn’t want to create a stark or similar background for each image because I wanted to capture both human and animal in their natural environment, whether that happened outside on the driveway or in the house next to the front door.

Body language is a cue, it is evidence, and the body language of each individual and animal can tell a story all on its own ( I asked the subjects to “act like you love your pet” without any regard to creating a certain body language. When I got home, I was able to study the images to find similarities between people and  their pets.

If you want to see the Issu publication, complete with analysis, click here

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