What Are You Kraving Today?

This week, I’m looking at a combination adult and child cereal, Krave. I say it’s a combination because, while it appears to be a more “adult” cereal (no catchy jingle, no colorful mascot), it also has elements that appeal to children, such as the animated Krave cereal that eats the chocolate (seen in the video below).

The box for this is as below:

The box isn’t so different from other boxes of cereal I’ve seen. The name Krave is the most prominent element of the box, and there is a spoonful of extra-reflective cereal, and Kellogg’s is making it very clear that this is a new cereal. Similar elements are present in almost all of the cereals I have looked at so far (see the Cereal Boxes category).

It seems, however, that this cereal isn’t exactly new. This cereal apparently already existed in 2010:

There are clearly some differences, however. The voice-over seems to be British, the flavor inside is chocolate hazelnut (rather than just chocolate), and  the box is designed differently. The theme is the same, though: the zany cereal eats the chocolate and becomes the Krave cereal.

I find it interesting that although the textual elements of this box are less exciting than the US version, the box itself has much more movement. The cereal, chocolate, hazelnuts, and milk all seem to be swirling around the box in a hypnotic circle.

I think I’m partial to the newer version.

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