Proposal for Video Remix/Mashup

My remix/mash up will strive to take a political stance against big business, big box stores, and controversial corporate business practices that ultimately hurt the American worker. I will try to show that big box stores only destroy small business and then as time has shown , self-destruct, creating hundreds if not thousands in job loss. I will also look in to Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital and how that relates to big retail. Stores like Staples, Sports Authority and Dominos are touted as success stories but this is without looking at the small business factor. Is Mitt Romney really for small business? There is a controversy that under Mitt Romney Bain Capital caused hundred s of job losses and Mitt Romney seems to support that our economy only works if you have some losses. I will look more closely at American Pad and Paper and Dade International, both companies that were bought by Bain Capital and eventually had to close their doors resulting in American job loss.

In making these claims I will use footage from the Great Depression and juxtapose that with current unemployment images. Then I will show stores like BestBuy, which will be closing 50 stores to link that to current unemployment. To link all this to Romney I will show stores like Staples that use a similar business model. I will use podcasts and MSNBC interviews to show that Mitt Romney, under Bain Capital used leveraged buy outs and show through Chrysler that leveraged buy outs statistically do not work out well for the employees.  I intend on using clips of Mitt Romney’s speeches. Also I want to use less linear clips for example, Romney “doubled down” on certain transactions for which I will use a clip of gambling. I also want to juxtapose my images with clips from the movie “Wall Street” with Michael Douglas. I want to use the song “Brother, Can you Spare a Dime” by Bing Crosby which relates to job loss and the Depression. I intend to look through different versions of song to see if I can find a more contemporary version that will better relate to present day.

As a visual association I am thinking of using the metaphor of a highway. It appears to me that the topics I am discussing are like a super speedway, demolishing small country roads and racing faster and faster until eventually the last exit is Bankruptcy. I think I will plan on using images of speedways and highway exits to represent this idea.

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One thought on “Proposal for Video Remix/Mashup

  1. Bill on said:

    Toni, I think you have some very good ideas in here, though it does seem that there are multiple topics: the big box stores, Romney, and the economy overall. I suggest you determine which you are most interested in and focus on that one specifically (though there can be traces of the others in there)—the economy and Romney are the most topical. Regarding the big box stores, there is a common belief that the stores are putting small businesses out of business. This is not completely true, at least not everywhere. A former student did oral history research with small business owners in Deptford and they actually *liked* that WalMart came to town because it drove people to the area. Because the businesses were niche spaces when WalMart didn’t have the item, people went to them. So, as with all topics, be sure not to make claims that are not supported.

    As for your Storyboard, please sketch out the first 18-20 seconds on what you’d like your video to be. Above each box put the length of the clip, and below very briefly write what the clip is of and why it is important/being used at that point. No more than 10 words total, so very very brief. Scan it in and upload it to the blog when finished. Please try to have it completed on time so we can discuss it in class.


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