Copyright and Remixes

Copyright, according to Vaidhyanathan in Copyright and Copywrongs, is “based on the concept that an ‘author’ can create a distinct ‘work’ by instilling his or her effort and skill to render it ‘original.'”

Remixes use both original work, work already created, as well as the work of another, such as someone to slice scenes and voice-over, or, as in the case of Toby Turner, to create lyrics.

In this parody along with others created by Turner, we can see that he is making fun of the trailer industry (at least, in his earlier creations) by noting the cuts, fades, zooming, pan shots, and creation of the scenes. In the following trailer, Turner sings, “Wait, is this The Matrix?” which implies that the trailer is similar to that to which he refers, the popular Matrix trilogy. This statement can also have us looking back at all the other trailers in this genre, action, to see if each are similarly structured, which also comments about the lack of originality in trailers.

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