“Anyone with a computer is a potential producer, able to remix, rewrite and reinterpret Hollywood movies.”
Chuck Tyron (2009)

That was created by a fan of Tobuscus’ (Toby Turner’s) lazy vlog series. Perhaps the creator, here, is commenting on the rhythmic/musicality with which Toby speaks, and not to mention the ‘Boop’ that supplies the chorus beat and melody.

Toby also hosts a weekly show called “Cute, Win, Fail” where he comments on America’s Funniest-style videos and asks the audience to vote for a winner. In the following clip, Toby comments on a bird who jumps to the beat of his owner smacking the bed:

Shortly after that CWF aired on YouTube, a fan remixed the bird’s dance and sent it to Toby:

Fan-made remixes prove that anyone with the equipment can become a producer, remixing clips to create something new.

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2 thoughts on “Remixes

  1. kelpeterson on said:

    Haha! I should have known you’d throw Toby in here at some point. But yeah, anyone can become a producer. The question corporations and governments are struggling with is: are you legally producing…and goodness knows what they’ll decide the answer to that is.

    Meanwhile, have you picked your remix/mashup topic? I have a feeling yours will be rather unique to say the least. 🙂

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