Breaking Harry Potter Bond: Book Covers Remixed

Thus far, we’ve thought of remixes almost solely in terms of video. These videos may contain still images, but they always take whole portions of audio, video, or both and combine them together. Believe it or not, book covers can be remixed, too.

I’ve mentioned before how some book covers employ stock photos, but this is way different. Prepare your minds and eyes, for you are about to enter the crazy realm of fan made book covers.


The photo on the left is of the original publisher’s book cover for Stephenie Meyer‘s sparkling-vampire romance, Breaking Dawn. The book cover on the left is a fan made concoction that utilizes fonts similar to the original (and a color scheme reminiscent of the first two or three Twilight books). I’m guessing that the background photo on this one is the product of manipulation, though I’m not sure. In either case, the artist has remixed different elements – colors, fonts, and style – to give a completely different feel to the fan made cover. (Personally, I prefer the fan made version.

Unlike most of the video remixes we’ve seen, this idea of “book cover remixing” isn’t putting together lots of parts of different whole (little pieces of different book covers or media) together to form a brand new whole with a new meaning; but, while you might gather a “new” overall meaning from placing a bunch of book covers side by side, they’re small enough that tearing individual pieces out and placing them in different contexts might lose viewers.

Other book cover remixes, however, do a little more media-crossover in terms of inspiration and models, especially for books with film adaptations.

The original cover for J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was a stylized illustration, but for kids who have grown up with the movies as much as the books, the idea of combining the two media seems natural. In this example, the level of mixing is minimal, combining only a screenshot from the first movie and a touch of Harry Potter font.

The possibilities for these movie/book overlaps can get very interesting, though…

James Bond, or British spy 007, started out in a book series by Ian Fleming before taking the silver screen by storm. Portrayed by Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, and more, audiences of books and movies alike have no shortage of faces to associate with the name. The movies, though, brought about “the Bond girls.” The series of James Bond book covers above take the film Bond girls’ likenesses and use them in illustrations with limited color schemes. Taking a retro feeling sometimes associated with the James Bond novels and tying in their film counterparts through the likenesses of the actresses in them is an interesting take on film-to-book remixing. Or is it book-to-film-to-book?

Stay tuned for the next post where we’ll investigate a few examples of book cover remixes by YA romance fans. Be excited!

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