Remix Proposal: Junk Food in Schools

Throughout my college career, I’ve revisited the issue of junk food in school systems. One of the very first research papers I ever did was on this topic, and since then I’ve continued my research for different projects when I had the chance. Two semesters ago, I did a Collaborative Research Project (click here to view the complete project on weebly) in my Writing Research and Technology class where we once again investigated this issue. It’s a problem that has plagued America’s school systems.

Why do I care? Well, I’m not much of a health freak, but I go on spirts where I can be pretty controlling of my diet. A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to get in shape and I began reading the book “Skinny Bitch.” I never finished it, but it quickly made me realize how awful the things were that I was putting into my body. Recently after that, I watched the movie Food Inc. (if you haven’t seen it, I high suggest it! Gross but necessary). It absolutely blew my mind. I couldn’t believe how awful the food was that I ate everyday. All of this included with the fact that I planned on being a teacher for the first four years of college, made me realize how awful school lunches were!

Here’s where I get really frustrated… If students are sent to school to learn, why aren’t we teaching them more about nutrition? Why are we sending them to lunch and teaching them that it is okay to eat chicken nuggets (watch this video and you will realize they are one of the most disgusting excuses of meat on earth), and hot dogs everyday?! The food isn’t the only problem… the juice and flavored milk that students are being served contains just as much or more sugar than a can of soda.

When working on the Collaborative Research Project, my group members and I came across this amazing show called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Jamie Oliver is from England (if I remember correctly…) and has reformed schools in Europe to promote healthy nutrition habits and better teach students. He came to America in hopes of doing the same thing. Oliver’s reality TV show explains the process that he goes through to try and get different school districts to realize how awful the food is that they are serving students, and to try and get them to change. He doesn’t just try to get them to change the food that is being served, but he also checks up on what the kids actually know about nutrition. Here is an alarming video where he is asking students to name common vegetables and fruits:

In my remix, I want to make a point about the lack of healthy nutrition that is going on in schools: both what the students are eating and what they are learning about what is healthy and what isn’t. I want to do this by incorporating things that I have learned from Jamie Oliver – examples of a healthy lunch vs. an unhealthy lunch, simple recipes, etc. I also want to look into what the requirements are for schools considering their lunch. I know that they can’t have x grams of sugar per portion, x grams of fat etc. but I want to know more in order to determine whether or not it is acceptable or not. I also want to incorporate solutions to these problems… how we can sub in one food for another. I know that schools often complain about the cost of serving healthier food – but shouldn’t our youth be worth it?!

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One thought on “Remix Proposal: Junk Food in Schools

  1. Bill on said:

    Hi Tarrah,

    Though this is an interesting subject, because you have worked on it so often in the past, I would like to challenge you to choose a new subject. Too much work on the same topic isn’t preferred. Please let me know when you have posted your new proposal so I can comment on it.


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