Remix Proposal: Tolerance

I’m all about tolerance: letting people live the way they want, however it makes them happy, and not making them feel guilty about it in the process (as long as no one or no thing is hurt in the process).

But not everyone is — something that I can’t comprehend. Why are there so many anti-gay people out there? I watch these politicians debating or chatting with show hosts, and I just sit in bewilderment as they consider homosexual people a different and dangerous species.

A lot of the anti-gay rhetoric creates homosexual people as dangerous monsters, rapists, and predators, dating back to the 1950s all the way to current times. How can we still be so close-minded about homosexual behavior?

With my remix I aim to display the absurdity of the anti-gay rhetoric. I found a few 50s PSAs about homosexuality — and there is, of course, Rick Santorum. There’s so much fuel in politics that I will juxtapose with the innocent-kid-heros such as Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street and Spongebob. For music, I’m mostly digging Queen with a mash of political and horrible anti-gay quotes with Freddie Mercury belting his heart out in the background (or dancing!).

Now, thinking associatively: gay = rainbow. Rainbow = light reflected through a prism; prism = ship lighting (not sure if I want to take it that far…. but hey,) sailors considered “gay” too, or portrayed as such. Sea-man, semen, get it?








Right, I think I’m getting off track. But, back to the Rainbow = light reflected through a prism = the album artwork for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon.







So, using images such as these, clips from politicians, music from Queen, and voice-over from PSAs, I want to show the absurdity of anti-gay rhetoric in our society. Like I said before, I am a strong believer in tolerance and peace between all people. This is my stance.

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4 thoughts on “Remix Proposal: Tolerance

  1. kelpeterson on said:

    I was right. You did pick an interesting subject. I’ll be interested to see how your final product comes out. The hatred used in some PSA’s and by some people is horrendous, but I’ve also noticed that a lot of anti-anti-gay rhetoric ceases entirely to be tolerant and often attacks those who simply have different opinions along with those who actually portray hatred.

    I was just reading an article this morning about a teacher who had gone to graduate school for counseling and was basically kicked out for referring a gay patient to another counselor because her personal values conflicted with his and she would not in good conscience have been able to affirm his had the conversation turned to his sexual life.

    I don’t know if you’re planning to explore any of the other facets of this issue (or will have the time since it’s a pretty short video), but I thought a line from a 6th circuit court judge was pretty cool: he said, “Tolerance is a two-way street.”

    And now that I have effectively put off writing my proposal (as I’m still not really sure what I’m doing), I best get back to work. ^^;;

    Good luck with your project!

    • Ah! Yes! I dont want to show hate against the haters. Sure, I think they are close-minded and horrible human beings for some of the things they do, but I’m not going to wish death on them or anything.

      Yeah, it’s gonna be a 3-6 min video. So I’m not sure what I can add or leave out just yet!

      Thanks for being interested in my work! :>

  2. Bill on said:

    Hi Darlene,

    Tolerance is good topic, though be aware that in the past students have gotten caught in the trap of tolerance good/not tolerant bad and the video didn’t really go anywhere. Though remix is non-linear, we still want there to be a kind of narrative structure, as we see in Imagine This. I like the idea of setting this up in terms of a Queen song, especially Bohemian Rhapsody, with its “Is this the real life?” opening would be perfect. You could also build on your Burt and Ernie goals by including the awesome Muppet’s version of the song. It also could have a fascinating narrative structure.

    Don’t rely to much one quotes, especially when they are in the form of titles you add to the video. They often take away from the power of the visual by anchoring things to strongly.

    Also don’t shy away from the horrors of hate. Anti-gay placards are not enough. We need to see the brutal reality of the hate (especially if asking “Is this the real life?”).

    Good luck!

    • Yes! I constantly remind myself to look at the absurdity of the hate rhetoric, like, beatings, and all the other horrible stuff. I really want to showcase how ridiculous and absurd people are when they start anti-gay talks.

      I do have a last clip in mind: Obama speaking and saying “race, gender, sexual orientation, peace for all” — or something similar to that.

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