Target Alouette Commercial

I’ve seen Target’s new Alouette commercial at least a dozen times at this point since it’s always included in all the shows I watch on demand. I have to say I really enjoy it. It’s catchy. It makes me want to go out to Target and enhance my life with color (maybe I’m biased because I really like some of their products).

This commercial operates under the premised that the world is bleak, dreary, and gray, but when the Target balloon lands and the colorful gymnasts/designers jump out, suddenly it’s infused with color and people are amazed by the effect that it can have on themselves and their surroundings.

There are definitely special effects used to make this world appear devoid of color (and to make a Target hot air balloon appear). Even those who are actually wearing outfits with color appear drab next to the colorful gymnasts that are leaping about decorating and accessorizing people and places.

This commercial is a great example of a remix. It uses the French children’s song Alouette (which is actually about taking the feathers off of a bird) to mimic the movements of the gymnasts. The song’s tempo is slow as the balloon is landing but increases in speed as the gymnasts sprint and leap about, spreading color. According the Emily the children’s version of the song is a bit slower than the one that they have in the commercial.

It’s amusing that Target used a song which has nothing to do with what it was trying to promote but has a catchy tone. Since most Americans don’t speak French it was assumed that no one would think that the subject matter of the song would clash with what Target was trying to emphasize about their product.

In this commercial Target is trying to sell fun and happiness through a combination of vibrant colors and energetic movement. Many of their products are colorful and decorative and that is what the commercial is trying to convey. Let Target invade your home and your life will be better. As their slogan at the end says “Color changes everything.”

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5 thoughts on “Target Alouette Commercial

  1. I LOVE this commercial, and after I see it I spend the rest of the day singing the song. It’s very catchy and I did notice that as the music was slow as the balloon descends into the drab, gray world and then picks up when the acrobats start jumping out of the balloon and “coloring” people. It always makes me want to go to Target and get some colorful clothing; I wholeheartedly believe that letting Target into my life will make it better lol!

  2. Anne Farlow on said:

    This commercial really stinks. It’s the creepiest thing, with weird invaders jumping around and changing the clothing, homes, and various possessions of strangers who were doing perfectly well before the clowns arrived. I despise this commercial so much that I am actually avoiding Target because of it. Major P.U.!

    • Diana Riker on said:

      I think it’s catchy. It is a bit odd but it grabs your attention. I love target.

    • The Anti-Mime League on said:

      I have the same reaction and am afraid that I might develop a real aversion to Target based upon the visualization of those creepy mimes/clowns/whatevers. Gives me chills to even think of it.

  3. The Anti-Mime League on said:

    I HATE the song and the gymnists remind me of mimes, whom I also LOATHE. Put together, you get a commercial that freaks me out. It’s so bad, it’s like ragged nails being dragged down a chalkboard.

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