Avatar 2 Trailer

While the trailer has original acting, the ideas, characters, and plots are remixed (and mashed up with plenty of other movies).

Like McCloud, and as we discussed in class, I try to connect each scene to the previous and following, sometimes without much luck (the Tiny Dancer scene among others). However, at the end, with the title of the movie being Avatar II: My Big Fat Pandora Versus The Deathly Hallows Striking Back At Muriel’s Lethal Weapon: Reloaded, we can see that this trailer is perhaps making fun of the intertextuality of all the Hollywood big-hit movies. Many of them are fantastical stories (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Avatar, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings) that we’d love to see ourselves in.

Many of the quotes in the trailer are also lines from other movies, such as Forrest Gump, Dirty Dancing, Braveheart, which indicates the fluidity with which lines are interchangeable between sets, scenes, and plots, making them timeless lines.

There is so much to discuss about this trailer, and I think Dr. Wolff should add this to the list for his next classes 🙂

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