Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Intro

After searching through many YouTube videos, this was the closest that I came to a tv intro for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution:

Since this relates to the topic that I have chosen for my mash-up, I felt it was appropriate to make it part of my weekly blog post. It was difficult to find an actual intro for this show. Every season Oliver changes what school district he would be working with, so I found this introduction from Season1. The first thing that I noticed was that it’s a mash-up!

The intro is comprised of different footage that explains what the show is all about. It has a voice over that explains what the show is about and gives a summary of what’s to come. It starts out with clips from the town of Huntington, West Virginia…showing a very peaceful, pretty atmosphere. Then, the commentator and music gets serious and you see a ton of food piled up with the words “Unhealthiest City in America.”

The music continues to go back and forth between calm and positive to dark and serious. This dramatizes the negative side to what is happening on the show – people not agreeing with Oliver and openly criticizing him.

Before learning about remix and mashup I would have just looked at this as a typical TV intro, not realizing what genre it actually fit into. I think this is a good example of how you can take particular aspects of a subject and fit them together to dramatize the effect that you want. It slows down in areas where it wants you to pay more attention to what’s happening and then speeds up the clips when you should be focusing more on what is being said. In this intro there is a battle between positive and negative things that are going on – the music is constantly switching back and forth – and every scene gets more intense.

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