Kelly’s Remix Proposal 3.0

Proposal 3.0

And here we go again. So, Proposal 3.0 goes back to the original idea of greed, but puts it within the framework of work, jobs, employment. Simplified, I suppose one might call it the “climbing the corporate ladder” phenomenon. This is not necessarily an idea confined to large corporations. Really, it can apply to anyone looking for bigger and better in his or her work life. Within this exploration of climbing the ladder, I would like my remix to visually represent two distinct aspects of the idea. First, I want to avoid a “pursuing a higher position is bad” or “pursuing a higher position is good” black and white portrayal. Nothing is ever that simple.

In this case, sure, people want promotions and pay raises and moving out of the cubicles, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, people getting jobs, or better jobs, is a very good thing and can result in spectacular accomplishments and achievements. However, the flip side of this issue, something inherent in the competitive nature we promote in capitalist free markets, is that, in moving to a higher rung on the ladder, someone else is usually beaten and left behind. While this does not always involve actively pushing another person out of the way, the emotional reality of a promotion for one person is a crushing defeat for another. To an extent, it’s really a simple matter of survival. The strong prosper and the weak die, but as human beings, the strong can at least be a little considerate of the weak, right?

To portray this drive for advancement and its two potential results, I would like to utilize images that evoke the feeling of the rushing workplace, striving harder and faster every day to make it to the top, along with images people will associate with hard work and success and images that remind viewers that others may be hurt in the process. For example, lots of coffee can be associated with rush and work. (Caffeine is helpful for both.) I also want there to be an element of absurdity in the images for people cast aside—not that their plights are absurd, but how easily we forget the feelings of others and focus so entirely on ourselves.

For music, though it’s perhaps a little too obvious, I would like to use “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. It has a beat, the instrumental portions will allow for video clips with audio to have a moment here and there, and, most importantly, it makes me smile. For as long as I’ll spend editing and re-editing this remix, it better be a song that makes me smile.

All right, that’s it for Proposal 3.0. Here’s hoping it will have no more surprise siblings.

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3 thoughts on “Kelly’s Remix Proposal 3.0

  1. Hi Kelly,

    You have come up with an interesting idea, though it is still quite vague to me at this point (to you, as well, I suspect). I like the idea of the remix commenting on the fact that when moved to a new context people have to let go of their prior understanding of a clip.

    However, I am concerned based on your wording, that the video is going to be a montage of clips where people let go of stuff or jump out of buildings and so on. With this structure I don’t really see much of a narrative. Nor do I think the Give Up song is all that engaging for such a project. I just listened to it for the first time and was like, “eh.” It didn’t make me want to listen to the whole song–and we need something that is going to drive the video from beginning to end.

    So, I suggest you think through this topic a little or try to come up with a Proposal 3.0. . . .

    Let me know if you have questions!


    • kelpeterson on said:

      Yes, the idea is still very much on the vague side. I am hoping that, when combined, the clips and still images will create a series of situations/contexts. For example, clips 1-5 equal situation 1, then a transition of some sort, then clips 6-10 equal situation 2. I’m still not sure if this will result in a narrative, but, honestly, the “non-linear, mashed-up narrative” concept still isn’t clicking in my brain.

      As for the music, I could try to find a song that goes all the way through the video, but my plan was to take small clips out of various songs and use them like video clips – here and there – with some sort of beat in the background.

      I am hoping to have a better idea of where I’m going with this by Thursday night. We can talk then, and if you don’t think this will fit the assignment, I’ll see what I can do. (Though starting over at that point may prompt me to ask for an extension on rough draft #1 since I have work both Friday and Saturday this weekend, and the full Portfolio Seminar draft due. ^^;; )

      Let me know what you think.

  2. Kelly, I think this topic has more potential than the others. I suggest finding an edgier soundtrack to go with the remix, though. Something that is less pop and uplifting, perhaps, but still with a beat.

    Good luck!


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