remix proposal: the disposable nature of culture

i decided to approach figuring out what to remix by thinking about what ‘bothers’ or ‘affects’ me the most. i was listing possible non-ideas (as in topics i didn’t want to approach) to a friend, when this long stream of thoughts tumbled out all at once:

 i wish people cared more about real stuff, or that things were so ‘quick’/forgotten

(like my thesis, if it gets on tumblr, its reblogged and thats it)

i have a friend who when she would get a text would like treasure it for awhile and read it a few times

it was weird but in a way soothing

because it wasnt immediately disposed of

i guess that bothers me a lot

that everything is disposable, culture is disposable”

people are constantly exposed to text, images, sounds, and video. all of it starts to lose its meaning after a while. most don’t remember anything. everything is consumed quickly and moved on from.

 i think it is important to share ideas and communicate quickly- there are many ideas that would never have come to fruition if they were not inspired by something else or able to have been created in a timely fashion.  however, i think that it is also important to make sure that ideas are given meaning and time, rather than just ‘pinned’ or ‘reblogged.’

take, for example, the kony 2012 video that went viral. people who viewed the video were extremely passionate about it- for about 2 days. after the video made its rounds being posted and reposted on facebook walls, tumblogs, and twitter feeds, people seem to have forgotten that they actually decided that they had wanted to ‘save the world.’ other things became more important again: the hunger gamesmovie, the dorito taco, the warm weather. i figured that people would quickly forget the video. when it came out, in all honesty, i was more interested in that than what the video was actually about- ‘let’s see how quickly people digest this and forget about it.’ the video was 20 minutes long. i figured something that took that amount of time would force people to pay slightly more attention to it, rather than a 3 minute clip. i was blown away by how quickly people’s interest in the video tapered off.

in terms of images, i definitely think of ‘trash’ or ‘trashcans’ when thinking of ‘disposable.’ i think i can also include a lot of images representing ‘materialism’ here as well, but i need to be careful because i am talking about the disposable nature of ideas and creations here, not physical material objects. however, i do believe that i can use some of these images if i am careful what i juxtapose them with. materialism definitely relates to disposable, so it will work. ‘giving ideas time’ can be represented in part by the length of clips. ideas are traditionally associated with lightbulbs, and since i am dealing with a discussion about a lot of ideas that are not properly acknowledged, i can look into different sorts of lights, filaments, and glass. i also associate ideas with inventors, ‘the thinker,’ and scientists, so those sorts of images can also be incorporated. i want there to be a ‘sad’ feeling to this, as well as something frenzied or fast. this may be left up to the music that i choose to pair the images with, which i will make sure also has a slower period at some point in the middle of the song.

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2 thoughts on “remix proposal: the disposable nature of culture

  1. I really like your idea (and not just for 3 days). Sorry bad joke. But I definitely think you’ve found a topic worth exploring, and your ideas for images, such as light bulbs juxtaposed with trash, are both creative and powerful in that they will force people to think. So, in a way, how you plan to compose this remix speaks to the idea itself. You want people to hold onto ideas a little longer, and when people are forced to think about something in order to understand it (rather than just being told), they have to engage with the idea for a longer period of time. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Hi Meghan,

    I like how you are thinking through your topic, which is an important one. Your ideas are still quite vague at this point (I agree that trashcans are perhaps not the best to use here– too literal) so I won’t write much, other than I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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