Trailers: Movie Remixes

As I was trying to come up with ideas for my remix project, I was trying to incorporate trailers into my thought process. Then I was thinking about the process of mashing and editing a remix. While movies provide consistent content for the trailer, the editor does still have to work to ensure the mashing of clips from different parts of the movie work together in order to make it appealing for the audience.

In the movie The Holiday, Cameron Diaz’s character Amanda cuts trailers for movies. Here’s a clip from the movie that shows Amanda and her cutting team looking at the latest draft of the trailer. The actual clip doesn’t start until 6:10, but it does briefly explain the process of editing a trailer to make a movie “look like a hit,” as Amanda says.

While Amanda and her staff are clearly experts at cutting trailers to deceive viewers into thinking the movie they will pay at least $8.50 to see will be awesome. I hate the Amandas of the world.

I’m sure many of us have had the same experience where we see a trailer on TV for a movie that looks absolutely hilarious only to find out when we go to the movies that all of the funny parts in the trailer are the ONLY funny parts in the movie.

I hadn’t realized until I had to make a remix of my own how time consuming and precise this art is. I have a new-found respect for these trailer-making-advertising-masters-of-film people.  And now, it’s time for me to join their ranks and, hopefully, be as successful at remixing as they are.

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