Remix Proposal: The Culture + Identity of [Today’s] Child

A topic that I have been exploring throughout the semester is the theme of Childhood, (as seen in my narrative mapping project, Childhood Calliope on Issuu.) For my Remix, I propose to do Option 1  where I explore the questions of what the culture and identity at large are for the children of today’s society, and who the children of today are.

Childhood is often associated with innocence, safety, and simplicity. (Or at least, it was.)

Is this still true for youngsters of today? In a tragic sense and in many ways, I fear this is not the case. Innocence, safety, and simplicity are things that more often than not, I feel children in today’s culture do not know. In my remix, I would like to first present conventional ideals of what people might commonly associate with ‘childhood,’ and gradually build toward a stark exposition of the reality that actually is.

I am visualizing the age ranges of children that would encompass approximately from kindergarten to the 4th or 5th grade.I am still working on solidifying specific aspects that I plan to weave throughout the remix. However, cultural facets which come to mind that I may include are: violence in schools and domestic violence, divorce, instability of family structure, cyber bullying, exposure to pornography and mature/adult themes and content on TV and in the media, and the sexualization of girls starting at a very young age. 

Additionally, today’s generation of young people are also called the Digital Generation. Therefore, I will be looking at ways that ‘media culture’  and being ‘wired’ into technology has influenced and shaped today’s children–in both the positive and negative ways–as expressed through the constant influx of music, games, computers, television, social networking, smart phones, and other forms of technology. To bring in intertextuality and to juxtaposition, I plan to show cultural progression of ‘childhood’ spanning several decades back, possibly to the 40’s and 50’s.

As I continue to research, I’ll be exploring the theme of how progressive exposure to all of these things has shaped the identity and sense of self for the children of today. 

Also, I’d like to note that I do not claim by any means to be expert on children in other nations, so for the most part I’ll be focusing on children in the USA, although my remix will most definitely be answering a global ‘question of the times.’ 

It is my hope that perhaps, after viewing my remix the viewer will have a renewed sense of empathy for the children of today and will reach out to even one child.

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