When Movies, TV, and Books Collide: Getting Visual through Remix

And we’re back with more fan-made remixed book covers. This next set goes beyond using media already associated with a given franchise and takes elements from other shows and series to create a new look for a book. Check them out:

This remix is actually one fan’s (Arjun Thakrar on blogspot) interpretation of Cassandra Clare’s book Clockwork Angel as a movie poster. The ultimate dreams for some YA fans these days is to see their favorite books in film form, so this isn’t surprising. However, because there is no existing movie-in-progress, fans have to do a little creative remixing.

In this case, Arjun Thakrar combined – as far as I can guess – an altered photograph or illustration of London, featuring Big Ben and a bridge, with a manipulated photo of actress Nina Dobrev (from the CW’s The Vampire Diaries). I would speculate that she also edited in a separate photo of the angel necklace, complete with shiny rays, and then added patterns along the bottom on some level of opacity. As a remix, this book cover/movie poster really only deals with combining photographs, but they come from and are known for different mediums, and they create a new meaning.

If you’re interested, you can find another fan’s remixed interpretation of a Clockwork Angel  book cover here; and, as anyone can be a desktop publisher, try searching for fan made varieties of your own favorite book covers. The results are always interesting.

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