The Rules of the Remix (Project)

As a weekly blogger during a week with no readings, I think now would be a great time to talk about the remix/mashup project. You know, the one that will occupying our every waking thoughts for the rest of the semester. 🙂

I talked to Sam earlier about clarifying this idea of a “nonlinear narrative,” a term that sent my sequential-minded brain into convulsions, and it’s making more sense now. Still, I would like to hash it out a little more here and see what everybody else thinks, how you guys are processing the project and planning your videos.

So, as far as I can tell, we are making meaningful montages; there is a message, a train of thought, but it’s been visually scrambled, so you see things that don’t necessarily fit together next to one another. Does that make any sense?

The next bit, actually doing all this with video will be interesting – which is why this is an interactive post in which classmates fill in their own thoughts on this topic. Yep, I’m going with that.

Finally, I know I was worried about finding “archival material,” or “old stuff” as I’ve officially renamed it, but I am now less worried. Sam mentioned the archives on the 5th floor of the library by appointment, and, this morning, I dropped in on the Glassboro Thrift Village on Route 47. Their book selection was a little more current than I’d hoped, but they have a section of records. Old vinyl case covers, here we come!

Please leave comments/tweets with other archival digging grounds you’ve found and how your projects are coming along. I’m interested to hear about it, and, yes, I’m still trying to leech more concrete examples of how all this video and audio stuff comes together.

Happy Tuesday!

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