Dos Ojos Cenote in Riviera Maya, Mexico

On our honeymoon, my husband and I went swimming in this cenote (freshwater underground sink holes in Mexico). Dos Ojos is a particularly fascinating cenote as it is on of the the largest in the world: 50.9 miles long and the deepest at 391 ft.

The experience of swimming inside of this massive underwater cave was both terrifying and thrilling. Since we we not diving, but rather swimming, we wore only life jackets and snorkeling gear. My husband and I ventured into the cave with two young women and our tour guide. He led us deep into the cave using only a flashlight. We passed through several large caverns and then through a small tunnel that had only about one foot of air space. We emerged into another gigantic cavern, but this time, we were so far into the cave that no natural sunlight reached us. The tour guide decided it would be fun to turn off the flashlight for a moment. Pitch black.

I’ll admit, I kind of freaked out. The tour guide wanted to take us further, but I made the mistake of looking down into the depths of the water beneath us. The size alone scared me. I refused to go further into the blackness. I kept seeing smaller fish swim by and thinking about the food chain…and wondering what fed on them…and so on, until I was pretty much convinced some sort of sea monster lived in there.

Later, a different tour guide told us that no one is allowed to go beyond where the sunlight reaches if they do not have proper diving equipment. He said people have gotten lost in the winding caverns and drowned. However, I am quite confident our tour guide knew every twist and turn in Dos Ojos Cenote, so I felt like we got a little extra treat going that far in.

Here are some pictures from our trip (taken by a photographer at Hidden Worlds):

Dan zip-lining into the cenote.

One of the entrances at Hidden Worlds. 27 other entrances to Dos Ojos have been discovered thus far.


Where our swimming adventure began.

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