Farewell to TV Intros

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed after looking closer at TV intros throughout the semester, it’s that I now analyze everything. When I see an intro, or photograph, or disc cover – anything visual – I look to see the elements that it is comprised of. Is it a mash-up? What semiotics is it using? Does it apply to the rule of thirds?…

I chose this intro, Pretty Little Liars, for no other reason other then that I love the show. It’s a typical girly drama about high school girls trying to figure out who killed their friend and who is stalking them. I spent about three hours catching up on the show last night… and I still haven’t finished! So, maybe that also has something to do with my choice.

The intro starts with a mash-up of images that portrays one of main characters, Allie, being prepared and put into her coffin: her make-up, hair, shoes, and finally the coffin closing.  Every short clip applies to the rule of thirds. The main focus of each clip crosses the lines of the box that would create the center. The second to last clip is an image of the four living main characters of the show: Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily. This image is symmetrical with the four girls standing in a row and the center line of the coffin going directly between the two girls in the center. Part of the image background is a cloudy blue sky which acts as a frame around the girls. Finally, the image is centered on Aria who puts a finger over her mouth whispering “shhh” – she is also symmetrical in this image.

The background color of a gray/blue cloudy sky is carried throughout the mash-up which creates a sense of cohesion. The clips do not perfectly change with the beat or lyric of the song, but most of them switch to the next lyric either when the stance ends or it’s an upbeat sound.


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