Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese Baconize

Behind the Scenes Look at Baconizing BleacherReport

The above video shows the work that was put into “baconizing” a website. The premise behind this banner ad, which ran on April 7th on the Bleacher Report website, is that everything is better with bacon. The Bleacher Report is among the web’s most popular sports sites with more than 25 million monthly unique visitors.

After going to there was a yellow button that, when clicked, changed the site to be framed in bacon. The behind-the-scenes video shows that it’s not a digital trick, but rather a physical replica of the site was made and coated in bacon and that photograph is what overlays the website when the yellow button is clicked.

The digital ad agency responsible for such appetizing imagery is CP+B. CP +B creative director Tom Markham said, “We know people hate banners about as much as they love bacon, so it made sense to use one to offset the other, and we’re lucky enough to work with a client who knows that sometimes you’ve got to do unexpected things — like build a website entirely out of meat.”

This idea proved very popular, as shown through online comments posted about it. Many users of the website claimed it was creative, awesome, or fun. Who could go wrong with bacon?

Here is a picture of what the site looked like after the yellow “baconize” button was clicked:

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