the disposable nature of culture: storyboard

this is what the scan says:

i am using the song ‘liar,‘ by built to spill.

i have broken down the first 1:30 of the song so that i know when to switch visuals (broken into when the bass note changes, lyrical phrases stop or start, etc.)

on the bottom of the page, i laid out the first :30 of the song.

:00-:07. tv stations/channel changing rapidly

:08-:13. from ‘refuse problem,’ moms food shopping

:14-:19. ‘lightbulb conspiracy’ trailer (:16)- bulbs lighting up over map

:21. sesame street, crayons being made.

:23. channels changing again.

:25. ‘writing better social letters’ letter writing.

:27. time lapse clock.

:29. (some sort of clip involving papers piling up. they ‘pop’ in.

:30/:31. ‘refuse problem.’ mom throwing something into waste bag or dad taking out trash. (i pose a question next to this frame: ‘is this too literal? it looks neat in this video, though.’)

rationale (so far):

-tv + clock indicate rapid movement (on to new ideas)

-trash + food- consumption and disposal of ideas.

-‘lightbulbs’- literally for ‘idea.’

-crayons, writing- ‘creative endeavors’- ways to create ideas, juxtaposed with ‘fast’ images.

-papers/books- lots of ideas.

source material so far:

refuse problem


light bulb conspiracy’ trailer

writing better social letters
‘sesame street: making crayons’
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