Brazil web advertising campaign using remix

Coca-cola Musical Caps

Coca-cola recently used the internet as a mass marketing technique for their products. Under each bottle cap is an image that when scanned into the computer or smart phone registers as a sound clip. The sound clips can then be arranged in different ways to produce a remix which can then be downloaded, uploaded and shared.

And what better place to try this experiment than Brazil. Brazil is the home of the remix. As mentioned in RIP! A Remix Manifesto ( remixing art science and knowledge of works is second nature to Brazilians. They even broke multiple international patents on HIV medication producing their own copies of the drugs for less cost. Likewise they have government programs like “Points of Culture” where students are encouraged to sample music and remix.  Proponents of Creative Commons have said that society is based on sharing.  Sharing is the nature of creating.  It doesn’t happen in isolation.

It is in this atmosphere that Coca-cola decided to market its products through remixing which I think is both modern and innovative. It would be interesting to see if a similar ad campaign would succeed in the U. S.

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