Tree Houses

Pretty much, ever since watching Swiss Family Robinson as a child, I’ve wanted to live in a tree house. It is no coincidence that a large part of my novel takes place in what I’m hoping will be the most epic tree house of all time. Hence, I’ve spent a lot of time browsing the internet for inspiration, and I’ve discovered that there is no shortage of people who have seemingly fulfilled my life-long dream. I’d like to share some of these amazing structures in my farewell blog for the semester.

All images provided by

Granted, these photographs are not strictly photography of the natural world, they certainly contain aspects of it. While I am unsure if these homes are environmentally friendly, they certainly make use of their surroundings. The pictures look as though the homes make use of nature and allow the trees to continue to grow. However, they are also all made of wood. I am also uncertain if these tree houses act as full time residences or if they are used for leisure. A full time residence might put more strain on its environment by requiring electricity, plumbing, etc.

One day, when I build my own tree house, I will be sure to make it green. I will also be sure to invite my classmates from #vrmcs12 🙂

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