Anti-Gay Rhetoric Remix

I’ve composed a video using media on the Internet to show the absurdity of the anti-gay rhetoric in our world today. I haven’t used iMovie for more than video blogging and editing something of that nature, so composing something that I would generally compose in a word processor was a bit of a brain-stretch. I often think in visual images, which helped me with this project at first, but as the song drew on and on and on, I felt myself running out of images and messages. As I do in textual writing, I found myself re-watching and going back to the beginning phrases to remind myself what I wanted to do with the video — that I wanted to play off the lyrics and the music to keep my audience engaged. I likened that to a ‘thesis statement’ as I would normally have in the beginning of my paper. As I ran out of ideas and images to match the song, I picked pieces from the beginning of the video and edited the clips further, like reversing and slowing the motion of the Anti-Gay Ministry factory thingy — just as I would do in my textual writing. For me, the experience and process was quite the same; However, since I often translate text into visual images in my head each time I write or read a paper, I didn’t need to go through that step with this project. Really, I’ve said all that I’ve needed to say about that. I don’t know what else to write about in regards to creating with this medium…

I originally planned to place hate signs in the video, but Dr. Wolff claimed it was over-done and wouldn’t help my video, so, even though I found them utterly horrible and disturbing, I went in search of greater evils. And I found plenty. I ended up placing too many beatings into the video and took a few away, as I didn’t just want the remix to focus on beatings, but anti-gay feelings. While there are fewer beatings, I added clips of news casts, including a discussion with Rick Santorum (who has compared being Black to being gay) and some Westboro Baptist Church nut, who has a screaming fight with a Fox newscaster — All in hopes of broadening the anti-gay scope out past beatings and to reactions in the media and in our society.

The cartoon figures, the Muppets and the fighting rooster and cat, signify the child-ness of it all, the immaturity, the lack of understanding. When Animal sings “Mama” and a pitch-altered Freddie Mercury sings “… just killed a man, pulled my trigger now he’s dead” I focused on Animal’s innocence, that he wasn’t even able to say what happened, but can only shake his head and repeat “Mamma” sadly. Muppet fans know the animal-like nature of the character Animal, and his habit for banging on drums, but, looking deeper, we see that he acts out the emotions in the song. When I later introduce the Muppets singing, I play on the silliness of it all, especially when Beaker belts out “MEEEEEE” as Freddie sings the lyrics.

I included as much juxtaposition as I could here, either cutting between characters on a set (as is the man with the sunglasses and creepy mustache with the younger boy) or putting two completely different characters right after each other (the transgender raising her fist and Rick Santorum). But not only are the images positioned specifically, but I also switched between arguments. For example, as Freddie sings “But I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me
He’s just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity”
I cut between a little boy, indicate he’s from a gay family with images, and indicate that legalizing gay marriage is a ‘monstrosity,’ along with the tone of the song. As the song finds peace in the end, Obama signs the repeal of DADT. So, I have tried to make the song form different points of view as it continues and changes pace, and I hope it’s successful!

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2 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Rhetoric Remix

  1. You’ve really done an excellent job with the final version, Darlene. The juxtaposition of brutality and levity with the Muppets is wonderful, as are the additions of Freddie Mercury singing, Santorum, the FCKH8 kids (just took a look at that web site and, wow, hilarious!), and Obama signing the law banning DADT. I am now starting to think that maybe the archival footage from Beware Boys might now work, but maybe it does. I don’t know. Tough call. I do wish you had addressed that in your discussion (as well as citing some of the texts from class, as asked to in the assignment). Overall, though, a great job with a very difficult task. The best of the this genre of remix that I’ve seen.

  2. I’m still so ridiculously proud of this!

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